Introducing TPA Pontoons.

Floating Modular Pontoon Hire

TPA Pontoons is a Hire Provider of both PLASTIC & STEEL Modular Floating Pontoons for a diverse range of installations across an array of Industry Sectors.

TPA has the experience, people and equipment to deliver the temporary installation you need, across the whole of the UK, ensuring that you deliver your project on time and to budget.

TPA supports you from initial concept, through design to construction, installation, project management and de-install as and when required; all delivered by our highly trained, accredited and experienced staff.

PLASTIC Project Solution ExamplesVERSADOCK Instruction-Manual-1

  • Access to dig out ditches, drainage channels
  • Access to allow bridge & viaduct repairs from the water
  • Access to shallow waterways to dredge / repair / build etc.
  • Access to repair commercial pipelines / plumbing / sewage / restricted access / conduits etc.
  • Floating platforms to maintain ships / commercial boats / to painting or polishing the side of superyachts, without the costs and lead times of dry docking
  • Floating and moving plant machinery
  • Provides a modular and easily transportable maintenance platform, ideal for the Oil & Gas energy industries

STEEL Project Solution Examplesstahlkoppelponton-PSK-10-Mittelteil

  • Dredging
  • Piling
  • Bridge access / inspection
  • Water cleansing activity
  • Events (Specialist Event Decking Option)
  • Floating and moving people, plant & machinery.
  • Provides a modular and easily transportable maintenance platform,
    ideal for the Rail / CP5, Water / AMP6 & Construction / Civil engineering
    industry sectors & projects.

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